Rozan Ahmed lives her life fulfilling a passionate vision of connection: an artisically led objective to empower, celebrate and fuse creative diversity as an influential figure in the arts, culture, fashion and social development across the African continent, the Middle East, the UK and the US.

As an established writer, social analyst, designer and commentator, Rozan continues to break cultural barriers by connecting and curating people, projects and products from the city of London (where she grew up) all the way to regions and societies in which she likes to call "returning markets". A stern believer in dialogue, and merging the arts with an entrepreneurial social advance, Rozan has become a motivational personality when it comes to advocating her concept of "cultural ownership" - taking pride in identity, shaping it and embracing it.


Rozan's career spans a successful 15 years, counting the intertwining likes of music, fashion, charity, government, civil society and corporate giants within her working realm. They include Justin Timberlake, SXSW, amfAR, P.Diddy, RWD, Michelle Rodriguez, Jay Z, the United Nations, We Want Peace, Chanel, Adidas, the Princes Trust, Art Dubai, Akala, Emmanuel Jal, the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, Prince Fahad Al Saud, Formula One, Louis Vuitton, SonyBMG and much more.


As deputy editor of the UK's RWD magazine, she worked closely with her team in analyzing, discovering and propelling what we know today as the "British urban music scene", utilizing what was the growing phenomenon of social media and negotiating a number of corporate relationships to quickly establish the title into what it is right now: the UK’s biggest urban music & lifestyle publication.


In Sudan, South Sudan and Kenya, Rozan developed a series of monumental campaigns surrounding celebrity, the arts and peace culture; she was recognised by the United Nations, the GOS (Government of Sudan) and GOSS (Government of Southern Sudan) for orchestrating the country’s first celebratory concert highlighting the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. ‘I wanted to musically symbolise the union between North and South’, said Rozan, ‘people often forget just how powerful music can be, particularly when it comes to positive messaging and its conscientious delivery to a younger audience’.


In the Middle East (Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and more), Rozan continues to shape and inspire a new breed of business in creativity. Through her unique choreography of brand development, special events, campaigns and thought-provoking commentary, Rozan's revolutionary contribution and influence in the celebrated rise of local pride remains unsurpassed.


Internationally, her enigmatic thought leadership, creative direction and advocacy has taken Rozan around the globe. A firm believer in artistic dialogue as a driving force for development and unity, she encompasses the definition of a local and global renaissance woman.


Rozan was named one of the ‘hardest working women in showbiz’ (Pride Magazine UK), ‘the woman who can’ (BBC Radio 1), 'a powerhouse' (Pose DUBAI), “formidable” (Drum Magazine´╗┐ KENYA), a “mogul in the making” (DSTV’s AFRICA MAGIC), “one of the region’s most inspiring women” (VIVA Magazine DUBAI), "a guru of words and public relations" (Molato magazine CONGO) and "The new Oprah Winfrey" (Marie Claire ITALY)

Rozan currently sits on the MOBO music panel and is an ambassador for the Young & Gifted Foundation. She's an avid supporter of the amFAR organisation, an advocate for Emmanuel Jal's We Want Peace organisation, Dubai's Fashion Forward (the region's leading fashion platform), Africa Yoga Project (Kenya), Sudan Change Now (Sudan) and has mentored for the Unreasonable Institute as part of the Unreasonable at Sea program, sailing from South Africa to Ghana in March 2013.

Rozan was recently appointed as Congo Fashion Week's global ambassador, Style.com Arabia's cultural ambassador, Music World Cup's Goodwill ambassador and is one of the youngest double nominee recipients at 2014's Women 4 Africa Awards (Inspirational Woman & International African Woman)