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"She's a personified cultural institute in and of her own. One that viscerally combines an artistic vision with social impact, fashion with needed address, stories as currency in economic development, and heritage in shaping the beauty and unity of human identity" - Marie Claire

As a communications expert, strategic advisor, cultural diplomat & activist, Rozan has shifted perceptions and moved entire markets through a strong belief in the stylistic embrace of 'self'. At 21, she was the youngest appointed editor in British Publishing and a Young Global Leader by the age of 28. Her focus remains on solving world problems through a unique combination of entrepreneurial, philanthropic and curatorial programming, becoming a role model for young entrepreneurs across the UK, Africa and Arabia. Rozan is an ambassador, advocate and champion of the arts - in social change, youth development, mental wellbeing, local creativity as national priority, and continues to play a pivotal role in shaping what she calls a worldwide 'African renaissance'.


  • United Nations

    United Nations

    Through her understanding of traditional communication and tech-savvy dissemination, Rozan devised and led a number of invaluable public information programs effectively translating the UN mandate in Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya and Uganda.
    Her effective thought leadership and passionate consideration for the future of Sudanese youth saw Rozan develop new and celebrated concepts in development, where culture and creativity took centre stage.

  • bougi


    Her first entrepreneurial venture, bougi launched in MENA in 2010, with a dedicated plan to spearhead new narrative, new pride and new attention to local creativity. As Founder & CEO, Rozan managed to shape and inspire a new breed of business in the fashion, tech and creative sectors, educating as well as executing in the homegrown opportunity.

  • Own You.

    Own You.

    Rozan's coveted "Own You" workshops have trained and empowered audiences across the planet. From British Council programming to United Nations staff, music industry executives, fashion designers (both new and established), royalty, civil society, start-ups and SMEs, have all benefitted from Rozan's identity-to-brand driven sessions of relearning.

  • Africanism


    After years of documenting, mentoring and exposing Africa's fashion industry, Rozan launched the leading multi-purpose platform, Africanism, to further explore, elevate, connect and protect the aesthetics of a continental (and worldwide) identity. In shattering the fictions behind current impositions, cultural hegemonies, deprived ideas and an omitted popularised history, Rozan has laid a new curatorial framework in royally, and globally, redefining Africa's declaration.

  • Sudan


    Rozan was selected by the Government of Sudan to represent her native land as a cultural ambassador internationally, reconnecting and reigniting the diaspora through her vision of reimagining Sudan's historical position, and vast beauty.

  • The Magic Drive

    The Magic Drive

    Established in late 2018, the Magic Drive takes precedent in Rozan's endeavour to 'change the face of poverty', inspiring and advancing young lives through use of the arts, fashion, sustainable tourism and luxury. As the charitable arm to her overall works, the Magic Drive's specially curated programs provide creative experiences to orphans and those in crisis in Kenya, Africa and beyond.

  • RWD


    In 2002, she was listed in "Fashion Monitor" as the youngest appointed editor in British publishing, after joining what became the UK's biggest urban music & lifestyle title.
    The then teenage Rozan took lead in harnessing and propelling what we know today as "Grime" culture. A habitual disruptor of common narratives, she also became a regular guest expert on radio and TV, championing the genre's yet-to-be-named invasion into mainstream popularity.



    Latifa is the Arab world's FIRST female super hero. Her story of love, pain and revenge is one of 8 warrior protagonists as part of the "Saudi Girls Revolution" (SGR) series. Rozan joined a team of writing legends including Stan Berkowitz, and worked closely with NA3AM's Founder HH Prince Fahad Al Saud to launch the pioneering and highly acclaimed LATIFA project into the comic universe.

  • Vogue


    Rozan's writing, editing and creative consulting are anchored in a world of 'returning markets'. Through her celebrated concept of cultural ownership, she explores the ways in which self-discovery can act as function in new style aesthetics; engaging communities and catwalks (simultaneously) as she sits forefront at the intersection of new fashion, innovation and honest expression.

  • i-D Magazine

    i-D Magazine

    A regular contributor to the British fashion title, Rozan's open editorials address (and question) everything from Rihanna's subliminal messaging, to industry insensitivity, ‘colorism’ and social justice.

  • Royal African Society

    Royal African Society

    A Patron, Ambassador & active member in the development and promotion of African identity, Rozan's uniquely intersected position comes with the responsibility of mediating between 3 active players in continental prosperity: emotion, unification and transformation.

  • Dressed to Address

    Dressed to Address

    Highlighting the need for more social responsibility in creative expression, she states, “I think artists, designers, any form art inhabitant really, are important in defining [an] attitude. What could possibly be more important than that?"

  • Dr Sebi

    Dr Sebi

    Rozan became a friend and confidante of the late great Dr. Sebi after spending 5 months at his Usha village in Honduras. Her invaluable lessons in food and overall wellness, from the man who became her second father, are now incorporated as mandatory legacy into all her speaking and programming engagements.

  • We Want Peace

    We Want Peace

    In her efforts to engage civil society, Rozan joined forces with Emmanuel Jal, Wild Aid and the US Embassy in Kenya to bring urgent attention to elephant conservation.
    She incorporated her belief in personal heritage, fashion and music with the importance of protecting and preserving wildlife, co-hosting a unique and powerful event with HE Ambassador Robert Godec to mark the campaign’s impact across Africa.

  • Milken Institute

    Milken Institute

    In joining the Milken Institute’s Middle East & North Africa (MENA) Group of Advisors, Rozan conceptualized and convened a series of high-level dialogues in 3 key areas of expertise: the African Opportunity, Arts & Culture, and a more rounded (realistic) approach to ‘Women in the Workforce’, as part of the institute’s launching conference in the region.
    Crisscrossing her extensive network and drawing unexpected relationships between different circles of thought leadership, she successfully activated ideas, outcomes and connections, signalling collaborative solutions and new, necessary inspiration.



    As strategic advisor to multiple partners within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Rozan represented and successfully facilitated the nation's FIRST international heavyweight extravaganza, between boxing champion, Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz. From introductory negotiations all the way to media relations, cultural diplomacy and story-build, the sporting highlight of 2019 was deemed an absolute local and global success.

  • BOF


    After attending and presenting the myriad of Africa's arts, fashion & cultural opportunities at BOF's annual 'Voices' summit in 2019, Rozan went on to join the Business of Fashion's Advisory Board on Global Diversity & Inclusion. BOF is recognised around the world for its authoritative, analytical and leading point of view on the $2.5 trillion global fashion industry.

  • Dubai Future Foundation

    Dubai Future Foundation

    Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Rozan was engaged to participate as a Futurological Congress member in both design and curatorial development of Dubai's Museum of Future. As the Emirate's international epi-centre of creativity and hope, the Museum of the Future combines elements of exhibition, immersive theatre and themed attraction, inviting us all to look beyond the present, and into what is possible.