African offspring. Arabian tinged. British bred. Globally yours.
“One of the Middle East’s most inspirational women” by Dubai’s VIVA.
About Rozan Ahmed

Rozan Ahmed has been labeled all sorts of things: Cultural integrator, PR guru, activist, writer, soiree host, brand consultant, socialite, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, influential, the Middle East's African Queen (that was special), powerhouse, activist (?), enigma, the list goes on. As founder of bougi, Rozan has mused with the entire world, creatively contributing to the arts and social development on a multitude of barrier-breaking platforms. She counts a global network of stars, business leaders, trend influencers and political figures as her trusted black book, fashion as a wearable art form, 'primitive' as the smartest, intelligence as key, music as God's medicine and Africa, as the future.

through social media, TV & radio appearances, panel discussions and training sessions. She sheds light, opinion and insight into her world, her experiences and what it means to be socially and conscientiously entrepreneurial. She breaks down the fundamental relationships between creativity, culture and commerce, consumer and producer, identity and ownership. Rozan’s audiences span far and wide, from UN peacekeepers and corporate executives, to high school students and young aspirants in music, media and the arts.


and passionately dedicates time and energy to empower, motivate and inspire those less fortunate. Rozan has represented, advocated, campaigned and supported a number of programs across her home continent of Africa, the US and the UK, including Inspirational YOU, Young & Gifted, We Want Peace, the Africa Yoga Project, amfAR, Artists for Peace & more.


as an established think tank when it comes to positive projection, harnessing her consultation skills, international networks and trusted strategy building in public relations, cultural analysis and suited connection. A unique commercial choreographer when it comes to brand management, a renowned events expert in all things truly memorable, an admired host, writer, columnist and guest speaker (whenever possible) and an overall advisor, enthusiast and believer in Corporate Social Responsibility. A formidable female force, in short.

Rozan's impressive list of projects, collaborations and creative endeavours reads like a “who’s who, what and how” of global accomplishment.


stories, articles, thoughts, observations. She incessantly believes in celebrating her all-seeing realm of both aspiration and inspiration. Documenting her global journey with a view to shatter what is essentially forced through the screens of mainstream. Breaking barriers, unraveling ideas and exposing cultural beauty.

Her monthly lifestyle column, as seen in the Middle East’s Oh La La magazine, has become one of the region’s most popular reads. Other such social commentary and captivating features can be found in the UK’s RWD magazine (as one of the title’s founding members), Grazia, Dubai's D'Journal and of course, bougi.

'One of the Middle East’s most inspirational women' - VIVA Dubai... 'The Queen of Soirees'- GRAZIA Bahrain... 'Invaluable' - the United Nations... 'The woman who can' - BBC Radio 1Xtra... 'The Middle East's African Queen' - POSE Dubai... 'Formidable' - DRUM Kenya... 'A mogul in the making' - DSTV’s Africa Magic... 'Eloquent, passionate and influential' - POSE Dubai
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Rozan Ahmed is bougi's Founder, Editor & Managing Director. She describes the popular brand as a "wonderful little world of like-minded brilliance". A positive array of words, people, projects and special events. A bright community. An institution of content correctness. A celebration of truth. A gateway to what is ethnically, artistically and culturally better, in the Middle East, Africa, UK, USA and anywhere else where greatness may be found to abound. A renaissance in grand. An inspirational observation of what's really good. A stamp of vetted approval. Refining and redefining. A voice, stage, hub and intelligent movement in cross-cultural creativity. An unabashed route forward in doing, being, highlighting and rewarding the best.
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'One of the Middle East’s most inspirational women' - VIVA Dubai... 'The Queen of Soirees'- GRAZIA Bahrain... 'Invaluable' - the United Nations... 'The woman who can' - BBC Radio 1Xtra... 'The Middle East's African Queen' - POSE Dubai... 'Formidable' - DRUM Kenya... 'A mogul in the making' - DSTV’s Africa Magic... 'Eloquent, passionate and influential' - POSE Dubai
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